Azzawiya Oil & Gas Refinery

Tailored Higher National Certificate in Operations Engineering

Azzawiya Oil Refinery Company (ARC) needed to place their refinery technicians on a UK based Higher National programme of engineering study. OLC (Europe) Ltd. Incorporating EETTEC were able to provide a tailored course suited to the needs of ARC and focus the programme on oil refinery operations.

Dr. Chris Bamber, Managing Director (EETTEC Ltd)


Azzawiya Oil Refinery Company (ARC) were taught by OLC’s Engineering Academic Team, including Professor John Sharp.


Azzawiya Oil Refining Company (ARC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nation Oil Corporation (NOC) and is incorporated under Libyan Commercial Law since 1976. It started production with a nameplate capacity of 60,000 BPSD and in 1977, production capacity was doubled to 120,000 BPSD. It was designed to produce products to meet latest specifications of International Standards. It is also equipped to maintain strict air and water quality standards as enforced in other developed countries.

The Vision

To provide a tailored course for 39 weeks that satisfied EDEXCEL accreditation requirements and fulfilled the need of refinery operations technical content.

The Process

Dr Chris Bamber devised with collaboration from the training department at ARC a tailored 39 weeks programme. This would be unique to EETTEC Limited and would allow technicians the opportunity to go for an HNC within 39 weeks of starting the programme.

Dr Chris Bamber interviewed various operations technicians and also engineering staff at ARC. A review of similar programmes at other UK establishments was carried out and following discussion with the training department at ARC a programme was developed and accepted. That programme was approved by the NOC academic course analyst and students started their programme in March 2008.

It is our conscious decision to make sure that the assessment of their learning is made through presentations which remain exciting, fun and deeply engaging. We have had numbers up to nearly 200 in the past which the Express Networks building can easily accommodate and we are keen to keep this tradition going for the benefit of their students and our pleasure in teaching them.

The Benefits

ARC staff obtained UK accredited HNC in Operations Engineering (Instrumentation and Control) which includes modules focused on refinery operations and refinery engineering practices.

Greg Paton has been a tutor for over 25 years. During that entire period he has working with the CICM in delivering a consistently high level of teaching on both the Level 3 and Level 5 units. Greg has been a lead developer in our blended learning program ensuring our overseas students have access to our extensive range of resource material