Vestas Blades (UK) Ltd

HR Development Programme

Vestas started to manufacture wind turbines in 1979 and has played an active role in this dynamic industry ever since. In 1987, Vestas began to concentrate exclusively on wind energy and since then, the company has developed from a pioneer in the industry with a staff of around 60 to a global hi-tech market-leading group with more than 9,500 employees (Vestas Publication, June 2004).


Partnered with the University of Salford and EEF NW to provide internationally recognised certification for Vestas Blades Employees.


This human resource and people skill development programme of work was aimed at supporting all employees toward a shared purpose of building a High Performing Organisation.

The Vision

To position Vestas Blades UK as a Best–in-Class manufacturer on the Isle of White, through providing an organisational needs analysis and delivering training, education and skills development activities.

The Process

Through partnerships with EEF NW, The University of Salford and OLC delivered to employees of Vestas Blades an unrivalled training and development programme. This programme delivered to the entire company on the Isle of Wight an awareness of the need for Organisational Excellence and High Performance Organisation best practice. In particular, OLC trained up to 26 employees to University Diploma level with Salford University and to Professional Diploma level with the EEFNW and through OLC City and Guilds Centre Status the Business Improvement Techniques programme up to level 4 to all technical staff personnel.

Professor John Sharp lead the team of trainers and lecturers to deliver a co-ordinated set of modules and awareness sessions for employees of Vestas.

The Benefits

The organisational needs analysis has led to delivery of recognised professional and academic qualifications which has increased the personnel competence of the entire organisation and positioned Vestas Blades UK as centre of excellence in organisational excellence within the Vestas Group