Royal Saudi Air Force

Training Military Officers

In addition to military pilots, air forces have ground support staff that support the aircrew. In a similar manner to civilian airlines there is therefore supporting ground crew, as pilots cannot fly without the assistance of other personnel such as engineers, loadmasters, fuel technicians and mechanics. OLC have trained such military aircrew and supporting personnel such as airfield defence troops, weapons engineers and air intelligence staff form the Royal Saudi Air Force.


Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) staff are highly qualified professionals that seek international qualifications and recognition for their competencies and skills.


Several short term, two and five week, training courses have been carried out by OLC, in the UK, to up skill RSAF military officers in non-military competencies.

The Vision

To provide a complete experience for RSAF officers, including delivery of non-military short term courses in the UK. The joint vision of RSAF and OLC was to provide excellent training in inspiring venues in Manchester, UK and to ensure the accommodation, welfare and extra activities were appropriately managed.

The Process

All of the hard work in organising and delivering training for overseas delegates in the UK was done by OLC. A superb hotel, the Place and superb venues, OLC Manchester Branch, Manchester United Football Club and the Civic City Hall played host to RSAF officers during their stay in the UK.

The programmes of training during 2012 season included ‘Diplomacy and Protocol’ ‘Budgeting and Finance’ and also ‘Training Management’ courses of 2 weeks and 5 weeks duration.

Professor John Sharp, Dr David Bamber and Dr Chris Bamber of OLC delivered exciting and valuable training both in classroom and on field trips around the northwest of England. The main philosophy of OLC training courses are to facilitate learning by doing and provide useful tools and techniques that can be used back in the work place. For example, during the Diplomacy and Protocol course the Lord Mayor of Manchester was visited and the RSAF officers were given a civic welcome by the first citizen of the city.

The Benefits

The RSAF officers gained experience of the culture, work ethics, diplomacy and protocols of the UK as well as improving specific skills gained on their course. Teaching by professors and doctors skilled in facilitating learning by doing transferred knowledge through many practical training activities that supported classroom delivery.