Avans University

Business English & British Cultural Studies

Avans began in 1812, situated in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, and remains to this day one of the Netherlands’ top universities and leaders in modern and professional education delivery. The university is located across three cities now and is modern and sleek thanks to countless efforts to keep it ahead of the competition; with a prime look, its course delivery matches its professionalism. Now, in order to centralise their students with the language of business, Avans set up yearly visits to OLC Europe at our Manchester campus to take advantage of our business expertise for up to one week at a time. The Dutch students have had access for the last two years to our facilities and our professional lecturers including those with PhDs, Masters and professorial experience as well as Manchester’s famous city and its day and night life.


OLC’s Academic team, notably Ms Lisa Rees and Mr Daniel Russell, as well as Dr Chris Bamber and Professor John Sharp, have all contributed to the teaching of Avans’ staff and students alike.


Avans is a university located in Tilburg, Breda and ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands; it provides modern and professional Higher Education courses, primarily in Business based subjects.

The Vision

To maintain current relationships with Avans and continue to deliver a myriad of courses to Avans’ staff and students; ensure the use of the city of Manchester is continued, with particular attention to the continuation and augmentation of field research in a way that is both interesting and educational; to build on the current relationship in order to offer Avans’ students further opportunities, to learn and research British business practice and expertise.

The Process

We offer up to two week courses for Avans’ business students. The students have the opportunity to visit the vibrant city centre of Manchester. The Express Networks building is situated close to Piccadilly Gardens, which makes B2B research in the UK extraordinarily convenient. The courses themselves have tended to vary from two day courses in Business English and British Culture or a weeklong Inspirational Visit for Avans’ tutors, to a weeklong course in Strategic Marketing & Business Development.

It is our conscious decision to make sure that the assessment of their learning is made through presentations which remain exciting, fun and deeply engaging. We have had numbers up to nearly 200 in the past which the Express Networks building can easily accommodate and we are keen to keep this tradition going for the benefit of their students and our pleasure in teaching them.

The Benefits

The Avans students regularly comment on our teaching delivery and interaction particularly enjoying “learning new things… about British culture” and a thorough appreciation of “the brainstorm sessions, the presentations and the personal feedback”. Classroom settings are dynamic and learner led, so feedback is crucial to student attainment as well as enjoyment – this is crux of our teaching style and is evident from student feedback.