Quantum Profile Systems Ltd

Process Based Improvement

Established over 40 years ago, QPSL is a leading manufacturer of specialist building products under the Quantum, Dacatie, Qwood and Q Lean Supply brand names. All those brands combine a strong manufacturing heritage with the latest lean production principles in order to create value as our customers see it. Quantum have recently engaged in system improvement activities and gained certification to ISO 14001, the environmental management systems standard, which now compliments their ISO 9001: 2008 quality systems certification with SGS. The introduction of lean manufacturing has led to one piece flow giving improved productivity and significant increases in profitability.


Dr Chris Bamber and Mr Enis Elezi of OLC acting as quality consultants to QPSL worked with senior staff in Oldham, UK to develop process mapping, control and improvements 2014.


QPSL is nationally recognised as the UK leader in stair nosing building products and is the largest supplier of stair nosing products in the UK.

The Vision

To deliver a program of continuous improvement, including training to the staff, at the Oldham Headquarters so that they can maintain and service their ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certification. Develop competent integrated systems thinking, process mapping and quality professionals that are aware of total quality management, quality control and quality improvement techniques resulting in an integrated business system model that will combine current management systems, software packages and world class practices.

The Process

Central to any business excellence regime is the control of systems and processes both technical and transactional. This is why the consulting package delivered to QPSL focused on integrating through system modelling and process mapping, control and improvement techniques as advocated by the international standards for management, ISO 9001; ISO 14001; ISO 27001; ISO 50001 and others.

Complementing the consulting work, the program of training included internal audit training based on the principles outlined in ISO 19011 and provided staff with an overall view of business excellence models and business improvement techniques.

Staff developed competence in managing the business through KPI dashboards, internal auditing, process mapping and procedure writing skills.

“The consulting and corporate training process with OLC identified key areas needing systems integration, process improvement and best practice which led to continued certification to ISO 9001 and other international standards. The final business system model is fully integrated with our key processes, databases, IT infrastructures and easily accessed by all employees and stakeholders. We now have a compliant and manageable system that adds value to our business.”

Simon Crossley Operations Manager