Businet Moot Court 2017 – See pictures here!

In March 2017, Businet brought their Moot Court to Bolton. OLC Europe’s Bolton campus, housing a victorian county courtroom, was host to the competition – pitting teams of law students from around the world together to argue a given case.

A moot court is an extra curricular activity in which Law students take part in simulated court proceedings, which usually involves drafting briefs (or memorials) and oral argumentation. The term derives from Anglo-Saxon times, when a “moot” was a gathering of prominent men in a locality to discuss matters of local importance. The modern activity differs from a mock trial, as moot court usually refers to a simulated appellate court or arbitral case, while a mock trial usually refers to a simulated jury trial or bench trial.

On the 30th March, the Grand Final saw teams from ZUYD Maastricht-Sittard and HS Utrecht face off for over an hour before ZUYD Maastricht-Sittard were declared overall winners.

Congratulations to Aimée Palmaers, Joëlle Razenberg, Isabel Grau, Anne Lindelauff, George Chatsjatrjan and their coach Mrs L. Habets!

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More information about the event, including more pictures can be found on Businet’s website, here.