Avans – International Study Week. Getting women cycling!

Nicola Stockton and Lisa Rees joined the Avans students and tutors at MMU to launch their ‘International Study Week’, from 8th -12th May.  The Avans University arrange the trip to the UK from Holland annually as part of their study programme.

The week began with a presentation from TfGM outlining their strategy for increasing the number of cyclists in city centre Manchester.  This year the communication students were asked to focus on getting women to cycle.

As part of the weeks activities the students took to the streets of Manchester on their bikes as they were given a tour of the City by Employees of TfGM.

Whilst here in Manchester they also visited the Manchester united ground where they had a tour, some of the students also went to the Europa Cup Semi final.

The Dutch students also sampled the Manchester nightlife when they visited the Topps Karaoke bar and I believe many other bars!

Throughout the week the Dutch students worked with Nicola, Lisa and the art students from MMU to produce a communications plan to improve cycling numbers in Manchester.  The week climaxed with the students presenting their work to Rachel the representative from TfGM.

There were many innovative and inventive ideas which Rachel took back with her to TfGM.

Nicola and Lisa bid a fond farewell to the students and also a sad farewell to Marloes & Ineke who are both moving on after working with OLC for the last 5 years.