Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Bolton University

Dr Chris Bamber, OLC Managing Director with Mr Ahmad Khan, International Development Manager and several Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) students outside the University of Bolton. The students are engaged in the Master Degree programme in Environmental Studies and are working with local companies, local government and educational institutes to achieve 60% of the course in a practical setting. This is a novel course specifically developed to help the strategic intent of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in moving forward the knowledge, understanding and practices associated with environmental best practice. This programme at the University of Bolton supports the key elements of the Saudi 2030 Vision, driven by Prince Mohammad Bin Salman.

Dr Chris has a long history supporting environmental management and in 1992, was instrumental in Thorsman UK, an engineering company, achieving certification to the world’s first environmental management systems standard, BS 7750, as part of a response to growing concerns about protecting the environment. That BS 7750 supplied the template for the development of the ISO 14000 series and Dr Chris in 1996 joined a team of 8 UK based organisations led by the Engineers Employers Federation and soon achieved one of the UK’s first certifications to the newly published environmental standard, ISO 14001. Now, as of May 2018, more than 320,000 certifications to ISO 14001 can be found in 171 countries. Dr Chris was one of the early adopters and pioneers of environmental best practice here in the UK and still consults and also presents seminars and workshops on environmental management systems and related topics.”

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