e-Process Based Management

“OLC have helped us to develop a process based management system that is second to none.  Their consultants have helped us to integrate our existing ISO 9002:1994 Quality System and IT to deliver real improvements to our bottom-line performance.”

Robin Mountain, Factory Manager (Soreen Ltd)


Soreen Ltd produces an extensive range of food and snack products for sale within consumer markets.  They supply their products to all major retailers and supermarkets within the UK and have worked hard to develop a strong reputation for product choice and quality


To develop a process based management system compliant to ISO 9000:2000 and facilitate Soreen’s accreditation to the standard.


OLC (Europe) Ltd adopted a ‘top down’ approach to the development of a management system by first identifying and analysing Soreen’s key business processes.  This analysis was subsequently used to guide Soreen’s sub-process identification activities.  With all business processes identified, OLC consultants then helped Soreen to integrate their existing procedures and work-instructions within the revised management system, and to develop and deploy the Information Systems needed to distribute the system throughout the entire plant.

Key Interventions

  • The immediate identification of key business processes
  • Senior Management training on the key requirements of ISO 9000:2000, the accreditation process and how to utilise project management tools and techniques to achieve accreditation
  • A communications audit within the workplace
  • Briefings for staff to support the changes being implemented
  • The facilitation of a pre-assessment visit by EFSIS (Soreen’s chosen accreditation body)
  • An extensive gap analysis highlighting potential areas of weakness against the standard
  • The development of detailed project plans to guide Soreen’s improvement activities
  • The development of an on-line intranet based Process Based Management System


Soreen have now developed the Process Based Management System needed to develop their business in the future.  The system developed is fully compliant to the exacting requirements of ISO 9000:2000.  Every member of the Soreen Management Team has received training in both the requirements of the standard and how the standard can be used to facilitate World Class Manufacturing techniques. OLC’s intervention will form the foundation for long-term improvements within Soreen whilst providing the business with the information needed to manage their improvement activities efficiently and effectively.

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