Student Highlight: Munmun Azad’s Educational Journey

OLC are proud to highlight one of our most successful students of recent years, Munmun Azad, who has now just finished her MSc with Distinction from Bolton University. Munmun Azad began her educational journey with OLC in 2013 as part of the first intake of regional, non-traditional, wider-access students. She soon began to face the challenges associated with studying at Higher Education when coming from a predominantly industry based background; traditional Higher Education is no stranger to its lack of practical application. Munmun shared this with other students that came from local businesses and industries with a wealth of practical and local experience, yet she quickly established herself as a mainstay in class discussions, answering and interjecting with strong opinions and sharp wit. Combined with OLC’s vocational and practical approach to education, Munmun Azad settled into education and achieved her Higher national Diploma with Merit in 2015, with many of her modules at Distinction too – she said that OLC are “extremely supporting, motivating… all teachers are always available for support.”

Munmun quickly applied for her Top-Up BA at Bolton University, a decision she shared with a number of graduating students that year, gaining a established transfer through OLC’s key business links with the university. At Bolton University, her dissertation examined the effect of television adverting on customer behaviour and preferences. With the foundation laid, she went on to achieve a 2:1 and applied for her MSc a year later where Munmun highlighted the customer expectations of staff cultures/ issues faced by owners in international cuisine restaurant, and the implications of government policies; she achieved her MSc with Distinction this month.

Munmun now aims to complete her PhD and become a university lectruer, and we at OLC are excited to see where her careers turns to next. But her commitments did not stop her from visiting OLC from time to time. She came to deliver a speech at our most recent graduation ceremony in September 2018. There she spoke to other fresh HND graduates, many of whom may follow in her footsteps, where she hoped to inspire others to continue with education with the same knowledge and experience she gained. As an active member of OLC’s alumni, Munmun has often offered her support and experience to us and her speech embodies just how proud we are of her. We wish Munmun Azad with all the success in the world and hope she continues to fulfil each of her aspirations.


Greg Paton has been a tutor for over 25 years. During that entire period he has working with the CICM in delivering a consistently high level of teaching on both the Level 3 and Level 5 units. Greg has been a lead developer in our blended learning program ensuring our overseas students have access to our extensive range of resource material

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