OLC sign MOU with Chinese College

OLC sign MOU with Chinese College

On the 13th August 2019, Dr Chris Bamber, Managing Director of OLC and Principal Yin, from Nanjing Commercial College sign an important and ground breaking MOU

Mr Yin is from Nanjing Commercial College (NCC) which has 8,000 students aged 15 -20 across ten campuses and has a strong focus on career development for young people. Mr Yin will play an important role for OLC in China because he has Advisory roles with the Nanjing Education Bureau, links to the Nanjing Sports Bureau & Jiangsu Province Education Ministry.

Nanjing Commercial College, is a school established under the laws of the People’s Republic of China (“China” or “PRC“), with its registered address at NO.36 Nenjiang Rd, Gulou District Nanjing City Jiangsu Province.


The role of OLC is to develop links with NCC and offer short course provision delivered in the UK for Chinese students in teacher training programmes, hospitality and catering courses and deliver programmes devoted to the management of vocational training.

Representatives from OLC Partner Institutes, Nancy and Brandow from Cremisel Education with Ronnie Todd from PBB Ltd arranged the visit to the UK for the Principal Yin Shufeng. Mr Yin was also in the UK to promote NCC and develop links with North West educational institutes. He visited Myerscough College, University of Bolton, Oxford and Cambridge Colleges and went to a Wigan Athletic Football match to promote sports academy opportunities.

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