Dr Chris visits Oxford Royal Academy for the STEAM conference

This year’s Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths (STEAM) conference was held in the medieval setting of the Oxford Royal Academy, Yarnton Manor. This year 47 Chinese students aged between 12 and 18 battled it out with innovative creations and presentations in English to eminent judges from the Artificial Intelligence (AI) sector.  Dr Chris was there to encourage innovation amongst young people and to promote practical skills.  The pupils all came from China, where a competition between over ten thousand young people was whittled down to the lucky 47 that got the chance to come to the UK for the final.  This number doubled from last year’s figure when the final was held at University of East London where Dr Chris was leading one of the esteemed judging panels. 

Dr Chris noted: “The incredible achievement of this year’s pupils demonstrates that STEAM concepts are embedded in the Chinese education system and great steps have been made by the country to improve youth education.  The growth of the Chinese economy is certain and the UK can learn a lot by collaborating with Chinese Education Partners.”

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