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Coming to study with OLC means, for some students, relocating for the duration of their study. OLC works with partners to offer several different accommodation options such as hotels, home-stay and renting. It is a good idea to ensure that the first few weeks of study you have a hotel booked and are aware of what type of accommodation you want so you can focus on getting the perfect place to stay when you study with OLC.




If you are coming to study with us for a short period why not stay in a hotel. There are hotels across the city centre near to OLC centre ranging in price. For information please visit the contact us section of the website to get a member of the team to inform you of hotels in the surrounding area.

This is where you live with a family in their home and are treated as part of the family. You are living with them and are expected to follow their rules and procedures. Please visit the contact us section of the website to gather further information on Home-stay from a member of the team.

This is an option if you are staying for a long period and want somewhere to call your own. With this, you can rent in Manchester and Bolton easily and can speak to our team by sending a message to us to help you organise accommodation.

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