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OLC Academic Policies These policies include :

Accreditation of Prior Learning Policy pg3

Admissions Policy pg5

Appeals and Complaints Policy pg8

College Handbook pg11

College/Student Agreement pg12

Communications Policy (Student – College) pg18

E-Learning Policy and Strategy pg21

Grading Policy pg25

Homework Policy pg28

Internal Verification Policies and Procedures pg30

Late Submission of Assessed Work pg36

Learner Recruitment, Registration and Certification Policy pg39

Learner Support Policy pg41

Malpractice Policy pg43

Personal Tutoring Policy pg47

Prevent Policy pg51

Public Information Policy and Approval Procedures pg54

Reasonable Adjustment and Special Consideration Policy pg57

Staff Development Policy pg61

Staff Observation Policy pg64

Student Attendance Policy pg68

Teaching and Learning Handbook pg72

Teaching, Learning and Assessment Policy pg73

The statement of our T&L Strategy pg77

Tutorial Support Policy pg81

OLC Operational Policies These policies include:

Grievance Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Disability Strategy

Environmental Policy

Humanitarian and Charity Policy

Email, Internet, IT, Social Media and IT Security Policy

Quality Policy

Staff Handbook

Annual Leave Policy

IT Policy Summary

Disciplinary Policy

Staff Handbook