CICM Level 5


CICM Level 5 is designed for students who wish to follow an advanced course of learning in their chosen professional field. Project based it seeks to integrate academic theory with practical implementation in the workplace. Delivery of the individual units are holistic: aiming to develop confidence, teamwork and other vocational skills. These modules are in alignment with the UCAS points based system which is the foundation for entry onto Business Degree courses in the UK.

Level 5 Diploma MCICM(Grad)

If you want to gain knowledge about advanced credit management techniques and processes, and combine this with an enhanced ability to lead teams, innovate and function in complex business environments then the level 5 Diploma is an essential qualification for you.

Once complete it means that you can use the letters MCICM(Grad) after your name (requires a current membership) and it gives CICM graduate status. It will also then act as a pathway to progress to higher level qualifications.

Progression & Career Opportunities

Successful completion of the Level 5 programme will act as a gateway to a University degree.

It will also act as a signpost to your existing or future employer that you are now a credit professional as recognised by the industry’s own institute.


The course is accredited by the Chartered Institute Of Credit Management.

Entry Requirements

All students must have a Level 3 pass in all four units at intermediate level: Credit Management, Business Law, Business Accounting and Business Environment.

Fees & Funding

The Price for each unit is £430 +VAT and a £29 administration fee. In addition you must also be a member of the CIM (£105 per annum) and pay £85 for each exam taken (fees payable to the institute not OLC).

For any further information or to ask any specific question that you may have use the ‘contact us’ option to request a call back.

Course Syllabus


  • Strategic Planning
  • Compliance
  • Legal Proceedings and Insolvency
  • Advance Credit Risk Management
  • Process Improvement
  • Strategic Communications and Leadership