Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management & Leadership


This Pre-Masters course is designed to build on the key business concepts studied at Degree level, in order to understand how business decisions are made at a Strategic level. These modules are in alignment with the majority of the topics covered by Business MBAs and MScs that UK universities offer and make an excellent stepping stone to a full British Masters Degree. The course is delivered by highly qualified practitioners and managers from both business and academic backgrounds.

Course Syllabus

Mandatory Units

  • Developing Strategic Management and Leadership Skills – F/602/2058

    The main aim of this unit is to investigate how current thinking on leadership
    influences an organisation’s planning to meet current and future leadership
    requirements. Learners will gain an insight into the current thinking on leadership
    from an organisational perspective. They will examine the links between strategic
    management and leadership, particularly the skills a leader needs to support
    organisational direction. The unit will help learners understand the impact of
    management and leadership styles on strategic decisions in differing situations,
    through examining the competences and styles of successful leaders.

  • Professional Development for Strategic Managers – F/602/2061

    This unit is designed to enable learners to take responsibility for their learning and
    development needs to gain the personal and professional skills needed to support
    the strategic direction of an organisation. Learners can achieve this through
    analysing their current skills and preparing and implementing a personal
    development plan.

    This unit highlights the importance of seeking feedback from others to improve
    performance by continuously reviewing learning needs. The development of
    appropriate personal and professional skills will allow learners to cope with
    demanding responsibilities and career progression.

  • Strategic Change Management – J/602/2062

    Alvin Toffler’s famous comment ‘There is only one constant today and that is
    change’ was made some decades ago, but now change itself is changing at a fast
    rate. The phenomenal pace of change in countries such as China and India is
    impacting on older, established economies in the western world. With such change
    comes uncertainty and insecurity. Organisations, even those in the public sector
    where ‘steady state’ was ever the watchword, can no longer sit back. All
    organisations are being increasingly challenged by change. Consequently, they
    need to understand the issues that drive the need for change in their own
    organisations. This means that organisations need to have a proactive approach to
    strategic change management.

    Strategic change management is most effective when an organisation actively seeks
    the participation of all relevant stakeholders. A change management strategy will
    be effective only if it has the support of all stakeholders. If they are to have a sense
    of ownership, stakeholders need to have the opportunity to contribute to the
    development of the change strategy.

Optional Units

  • Developing Corporate Culture
  • Leading E-strategy
  • Strategic Marketing Management
  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Managing Financial Principles and Technique
  • Project Development and Implementation for Strategic Managers
  • Research Methods for Strategic Managers
  • Strategic Quality and Systems Management


  • Shaun

    Fantastic course that has supported my ongoing development. I have been able to adopt theoretical management concepts within my working environment and as such lead a small team of individuals successfully. I now plan to use the my certificate to mentor aspiring managers/leaders. Thanks to OLC for all your support. Who have enabled me to complete studies around my career.

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