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 Dr Allan Lawrence

Graduating with a doctorate from the University of Greenwich in 1993 Allan has spent many years working in industry in a number of senior managerial positions where he has developed a number of theoretical frameworks specifically relating to the theory and practice of competitive advantage. Apart from his position as a senior lecturer at OLC Allan continues to develop his links with industry current sitting as a director at Projects Beyond Borders and working as an external assessor of project applications for the European Commission.

 Published Research

Lawrence, A, Bamber, C & Elezi, E. ‘E-learning Solutions for a Changing Global Market. An Analysis of Two Comparative Case Studies.’ Management Dynamics in the Knowledge Economy. 5(4): Pp 597-618

Short, P.J, Lawrence, A.M & Millar, D. ‘E-learning. Is E-learning a pro-active response to, or reaction to, changes in educational policy and patterns of demand? E-Learning as a Socio-cultural System. A multi-dimensional Analysis’. National Association of Distance Education, Lithuania

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Lawrence. A & Heeley. J. ‘Teaching Across Cultures: Developing Team-based Approaches to promote Creative and Co-operative Learning in Postgraduate Design courses in the UK.’ Proceedings of DesignEd Asia. Sustaining Cultures trough Design Education. Hong Kong. December 10-11th, 2007. Pp 71 -91.


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