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 Dr David Bamber

Dr David Bamber is an acknowledged scholar and Professor of Marketing Research with over 30 peer reviewed journal articles on the subject. His PhD research critically examined the interrelationships of Personality within Organisational Learning and Learning Organisations. He is an educational psychologist with over 40 years teaching and learning practice. Dr David Bamber is currently Director of Studies for PhD Research in the Institute of Management at the University of Bolton. Dr Bamber helps drive research within OLC and provides support for PhD candidates, final year students, staff and the OLC post doctoral research group. David provides insights into marketing research for OLC strategic teams and acts as higher education sector advisor to the OLC board of directors.

 Published Research

  • ‘Integrating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into ISO management systems – in search of a feasible CSR management system framework’ (P Castka, D Bamber, J Sharp) Volume 16, Number 3, The TQM Magazine, 2004
  • ‘Place branding and its role in Sustainable Development’ (V Maheshwari, I Vandewalle and D Bamber) Journal of Place Management and Development”, Vol. 4, Issue (2), pp.198 – 213
  • “Towards Service Delight in a Premium Casual Dining Restaurant Chain in the UK” (D Bamber and C Gransden) , Tourists’ Behaviour And Satisfaction Session, 4th International Conference on Hospitality and Tourism Management Bangkok
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