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International Study

Dr Chris Bamber

Managing Director

Professor John Sharp

Director Of Academic Affairs

Welcome to OLC (Europe) Ltd’s International Study section. The following information covers an overview of courses on offer for International Students wishing to study Business.

These brand new intensive courses, offered by OLC (Europe) Ltd are specifically aimed at International Students wishing to visit the UK to study; they offer students a pathway to British universities and are a tried and tested way of achieving a British Higher Education qualification. All the courses on offer are Pearson structured and accredited and cover both Business & Engineering subjects from Level 4 to Level 7. Our Academic Team have vast experience in teaching both Business and Engineering subjects as well having expertise in their field and links with various organisations and engineering firms. Our expertise, coupled with our unique, practical approach to wholly inclusive learning, aims to  prepare students for both further study and work. All courses on offer are ‘intensive’ and are set to run for 6 months, in tandem with the student visitor visa (for support with the visa application process please visit the Contact Us page for one-to-one support).

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