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OLC College supports Law studies world wide

OLC are proud of the fact that, Dr Chris Bamber our Managing Director and OLC founding member, actively supports UK and European Law Schools in pursuance of transferring knowledge of international law across borders and between professional lawyers, barristers, police forces, high court sheriffs, bailiffs, law students and law lecturers. Below is some of the recent newsworthy events that have taken place.






OLC has received an award in recognition of their services to the Police Force and Officer training:

Dr Chris is a member of Businet’s Law Group which brings together Businet [Colleges and Universities] members that offer Law and/or Business Law studies at a professional Bachelor level. The group members facilitate one another in diverse areas such as student or teacher exchange, law projects and International Law Weeks. You can see their activities at https://www.businet.org.uk/business-law


This photograph is of  Dr Chris debating at one of the meetings of the Law Group where everyone is listening closely to what he has to offer:

OLC College’s headquarters are located at The Old County Police Station in Bolton, which was the first county police station for the whole of Lancashire, built in 1876.

With some recent renovations, Dr Chris’s team have found some [indictments] documents dating back to the year of opening.

There are over two hundred fragments of documents, which have been found in Castle Street, that, Dr Chris has bequeathed to the local Bolton Museum so these can be restored and then viewed by the public and studied by legal historians and social historians.

The photo shows that someone was making a noise against the peace of our Lady the Queen (Queen Victoria):


OLC have the largest Moot Court in Europe, at Castle Street, and it has been used for training purposes in recent years by Professional Bodies such as the Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM), The North Manchester Health and Safety Advisory Group and by the  Businet Law Group in 2017.  Not to mention the fact that this Courtroom is used by ITV, Coronation Street as Weatherfield Court and Judge Rinder for some of his tribunal cases.

This photo is one of the CICM mock trials:

This photograph was taken on the 29th March 2017 when the Moot Court was used by Businet for the finals of the International Law Game where college and university students presented legal arguments for mock legal cases. Dr Chris was the host and met the Law students, lecturers and panel judges at their annual dinner dance.

Here is Dr Chris dressed in his Academic Gown met the European Law students




This photo shows Dr Chris with academics and dignitaries from the University and from the Town of Bolton outside of the Town Hall:

All of the OLC Higher Education Programmes encompass modules covering aspects of law. The Business and Management courses provide learners with a good grounding in Health and Safety Legislation, Company Law, HR Law, Copywrite and Patent Law. While, the Hospitality courses provide learners with knowledge of the body of law governing the specific nuances of hotels, restaurants, bars, spas, country clubs, meeting and convention planners, and more.  The OLC Health Care programmes provide learners a deep understanding of the laws relating to care settings, hospitals and medicine such as the Health and Social Care Act.

One of Bolton’s resident’s and most decorated Law graduates, Sir Ernest Nigel Ryder, TD, PC, DL became a Lord Justice of Appeal and in April 2013 and was appointed Senior President of Tribunals in September 2015. Currently, Sir Ernest Ryder is the Master of Pembroke College, Oxford

Here Lord Justice Ryder is having a good old laugh with Dr Chris:

Dr Chris has asked Lord Ryder to join him and his staff for a cup of tea and visit the hidden gem that is OLC’s Moot Coot, the largest in Europe.  I think we need to clean the carpet and get out the best China cups!  For such an esteemed visitor we would need a few days notice, so if you are still up for it Ernest, just let us know. 

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